Washington D.C. - In a stunning turn of events, aliens from another planet have landed on the White House lawn and have been invited inside by President Biden himself. After a brief conversation, the extraterrestrial visitors revealed that they had come to Earth to provide the perfect rolling papers for intergalactic smoke sessions.

Fortunately, the President was happy to oblige, accepting a pack of UFO Rolls. He rolled some joints and passed them around. As the cabinet members took their first puffs, their eyes widened in amazement at the smoothness, slow burn, and flavor of the all-natural rolling papers.

"It's out of this world," exclaimed Kamala Harris, causing the President to chuckle at the pun. "I think we might have to make a deal with your people to get our hands on more of these."

As the smoke hotboxed the Oval Office, the President and the aliens chatted about their experiences in the universe, swapping stories about the most bizarre creatures they had encountered. The President even joked about his own experience smoking in his youth, much to the delight of his extraterrestrial guests.

The group smoked well into the night, discussing everything from intergalactic travel to the best music to listen to while high. When it was time for the aliens to depart, they left behind a gift for the President - a small, glowing plant that they promised would be the perfect companion to his UFO Rolls.

As the aliens departed into the night sky, the President waved goodbye and grinned from ear to ear. "I never thought I'd be smoking with aliens in the Oval Office," he said, "but I have to admit, it's been one of the best experiences of my life."

And with that, the President settled back into his chair, took a puff from his UFO Roll, and let out a contented sigh. Truly, it was a night that he would never forget.

For intergalactic rolling papers, visit www.uforolls.com.

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