BREAKING NEWS: 'UFO Rolls' Arrive in Brooklyn!!

Brooklyn, NY - In a shocking turn of events, aliens have landed in the heart of Brooklyn, leaving locals stunned and amazed.

Witnesses reported seeing a bright, glowing object descending from the sky in the early hours of the morning. As the object touched down, a group of strange-looking beings emerged and started exploring the neighborhood.

"Man, it was crazy," said local resident Tim Johnson. "I was just walking my dog when I saw this big ol' spaceship land in the park. I couldn't believe my eyes."

Mayor Eric Adams has released a statement urging residents to remain calm and avoid approaching the aliens until their intentions are known. "We are monitoring the situation closely and working with federal authorities to ensure the safety of all Brooklyn residents," the statement read.

However, reports suggest that the aliens are not hostile and have been spotted smoking what appears to be a joint with Mayor Adams on the steps of City Hall.

"Man, these guys are cool," said Adams. "They came all the way from outer space to chill with us and share their rolling paper. It's out of this world!"

The aliens, who have been dubbed the "Brooklyn Aliens" by locals, have been seen exploring the borough, taking selfies with residents, and even trying their hand at street art.

"It's like something out of a movie," said resident Maria Sanchez. "I never thought I'd see aliens in my lifetime, let alone smoking with the mayor."

As the news of the Brooklyn Aliens spreads, it's clear that this is a moment that will be remembered for generations to come. For the best intergalactic rolling papers, visit or visit their Instagram at @UFORolls.

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